Some of the most common ways to make a gift to the Missouri Botanical Garden are to write a check, give a credit card number, or donate online.

A gift of cash could be right for you if:

  • You want the easiest way to donate to the Garden. 
  • You want the largest possible tax deduction for your gift.
  • You would like to make the gift to the Garden that has the greatest immediate impact.

How it works

You make a gift of cash directly to the Garden and you receive an income tax deduction.

What is an outright gift of cash?

An outright gift of cash is when you transfer funds to the Missouri Botanical Garden and get nothing of financial value in return. The most common way for donors to make an outright gift is to write a check payable to the Missouri Botanical Garden.

Gift provides immediate support

Unlike some other gift arrangements, your outright gift will provide resources that the Garden can put to immediate use. If you prefer to restrict our use of your gift in any way, please contact us so that we can be sure that we can carry out your wishes.   

Maximum tax savings

You may deduct the full amount of your donation up to 60% of your adjusted gross income, providing tax savings if you itemize. You may carry forward all of your unused deduction for up to five additional years.

Ways to give cash

Most donors make an outright gift by writing a check payable to the Missouri Botanical Garden and mailing it to us. You may also make a cash gift using your credit card.


Melinda Francis would like to make an immediate $15,000 gift to the Missouri Botanical Garden. Melinda could write a check for this amount and earn a charitable deduction equal to $15,000. Alternatively, Melinda could make a gift using her credit card by calling us on the phone, responding to a mailing, or by donating online through our website. Gifts of checks and gifts made via credit cards are considered cash gifts.


  • Melinda may deduct up to 60% of her adjusted gross income for her gift of cash, providing tax savings if she itemizes.
  • If Melinda itemizes deductions but cannot use the entire deduction in the year of gift, she may carry the balance forward for up to five additional years. 
  • Assuming Melinda itemizes deductions and can use her entire income tax charitable deduction of $15,000, she will save her $5,550 (37% tax).
  • Melinda will gain the satisfaction of making a $15,000 gift to the Garden.


How Your Gift Helps

Your gifts to the Missouri Botanical Garden help us inspire and educate all members of our local region about the benefits of being good environmental stewards through responsible and sustainable use of natural resources. It will provide the Garden with the resources to:

How your gift helps How your gift helps How your gift helps
Spark creativity through classes, educational offerings, and partnerships with local schools. Protect plants by allowing researchers to explore flora, discovering and preserving rare species. Restore natural landscapes through ecological partnerships and shared expertise.